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LOUISVILLE, Ky., Feb 19, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — The “agency of the underdog” announced a new educational content hub this morning, called the Marijuana Branding Academy. The MBA will provide premium branding, marketing, and advertising-related training content for free via Cannabis-Branding.com.

The Marijuana Branding Academy will help address the industry’s need for branding and marketing training curriculum, while sidestepping the trend of paid-content “universities” popping up around the country. The company’s desire to level the playing field for undercapitalized entrepreneurs is the driving force behind this decision.

Founder Bradley Turner summarized the move this way, “Our hearts and focus will always be on the scrappy entrepreneurs, the bootstrappers, and the garage dreamers. We believe that this approach is consistent with the spirit of the legalization movement, and promotes a competitive environment that is merit-based and doesn’t cater to the “green rush” bandwagon crowd. We plan on being in this industry for the long haul, and we have no desire to work with people who are only in it for the money. We want to help the entrepreneurs whose hearts are actually in it.”

The Academy will be updated weekly, and is actively seeking guest contributors with professional marketing, advertising, branding and public relations experience. Visitors can submit content requests on the MBA homepage, and share content socially to indicate further interest in a topic.

For more information, visit cannabis-branding.com/marijuana-branding-academy

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Cannabis Branding Group is the leading full-service branding agency exclusively for cannabis startups. Known as “the agency of the underdog”, CBG aims to make world-class brand development, marketing, and advertising services available to every emerging entrepreneur.

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