Cannabis Health Summit

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2017 Cannabis Health Summit
presented by Green Flower Media

Here is a sneak peek of the incredible Speaker Lineup for this year’s Cannabis Health Summit.

  • Steve DeAngeloHere’s what modern cannabis looks like.
  • Jeffrey Raber Understanding the chemical compounds in cannabis
  • Dr Allan Frankel MDHow to legitimize cannabis as medicine
  • Paul ArmentanoIs cannabis safe? Here’s what the research says.
  • Eugene Monroe, Eben Britton, Bas RuttenWhy cannabis for athletes is a big deal.
  • Andy WilliamsCannabis research: past, present, and future.
  • Dr. Dustin SulakHow to use cannabis without impairment.
  • Cotyln Turner This 17 year old boy cured his Chrone’s with cannabis
  • Muffy MontemayorThe pluses and minuses of each delivery method.
  • Dr. David Bearman MDThe incredible history of medical cannabis.
  • Mel Frank, Kyle KushmanHow to grow the highest quality clean cannabis.
  • Gay HendricksHow this NYT best selling author creates on cannabis.
  • Maya Elisabeth, Dahlia Mertens, Didi DavisEverything you need to know about cannabis topicals.
  • Mara GordonHow to find your ideal dose when self-medicating.
  • Morris BeegleThe Game Changing Potential of Hemp.
  • Jeff The 420 ChefHow to make light tasting canna-butter.
  • Alison Ettel, David Hargett A debate about different cannabis extraction methods.
  • Samantha Miller, Ben Cassiday Terpenes: Unlock the hidden potential of cannabis.
  • Robyn LawrenceHow to manage your dose when cooking with cannabis.
  • Dr Malik Burnett M.D. How your Endocannabinoid system interacts with cannabis.
  • Josh WurzerWhy the same strain can impact people differently.
  • Joel Stanley, Tim GordonHow CBD Will Change The World.
  • Dr. Janice Knox MD, Dr. Jessica Knox MD, Dr. Rachel Knox MDThis Family Of Cannabis MD’s Will Answer Your Cannabis Questions.
  • Dr Genester Wilson KingWhy our aging population is turning to cannabis.
  • And more!

Stay tuned to THC Media for further updates to be released soon!