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(Last Updated March 31, 2016)
THC Media occasionally has job openings for freelance or contractual workers, involving  projects either relating to, or fully involved with, the cannabis industry.

All job openings at THC Media will be posted here at, and open for bidding. All projects will be open for bids for at least 10 business days, prior to any contracts being offered on any projects or services requested.

While we operate on minimal staffing and funding, we do always have an extra need for assistance in many different fields, both cannabis related and not. Volunteers make up a vital part of our operation and overall industry, and if not for the generosity of these die hard cannabis activists and volunteers, the end of marijuana prohibition wouldn’t be nearly as close as it is today.

We will always work with any volunteers and/or interns that are looking for a place to get familiar with the process and be able to meet connections that will more than likely be beneficial to you in your Cannabis Industry future.

For journalists and writers that are looking to break into the new emerging cannabis industry, THC Media is a superb place to start your journey and to develop & fine tune your process. The opportunities to acquire certified credentials, and important contacts, will benefit you enormously for your career as a journalist. For that more current & instant gratification, the more articles you research and publish, the more chances you’ll have for your name to become more popular and commonplace among people talking marijuana.

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Current Job Openings

3/31/2016 – Freelance JournalistTHC Media is looking for freelance journalists to research and publish stories involving the cannabis industry. All articles will need to be original, non published works. To submit a bid or proposal for this position, please use our Submission Form, and provide as many details as possible about yourself, why you would be a great fit with THC Media, and your bid/offer for the request. All bids must be submitted by 11:59:59pm on Friday April, 15, 2016. Accepted bids will be contacted by April 22, 2016.