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THC Media Special Cannabis Columns

 “Ask Bert” – Ask Bert is a bi-weekly Q & A column here on THC Media, with Bert Cannavelli answering questions as best he can. If you have a question, you too can Ask Bert.

“Cultivation Corner” – For bigger & more successful harvests, THC Media brings you Cultivation Corner, which offers growers different tips and techniques used for marijuana cultivation. If you have a question or a great tip for fellow growers, Send Them To Us and we will share the best ones.

“State Spotlight” – THC Media’s State Spotlight is a monthly column which reviews a specific state and any current or upcoming Medical Cannabis or Recreational Marijuana laws.

The THC “Edibles Eatery” – The THC Edibles Eatery is a weekly discussion focusing on the world of Cannabis Edibles, recipes, dosing, and product reviews, while always staying on top of the ever changing regulations that the different state medical marijuana programs have setup.

Weed Watch Marijuana Magazine

“Canna Community Activism” – The Canna Community Activism is a column dedicated to the local cannabis warriors, who in some places, put their life and freedom on the line to end marijuana prohibition for all.

“Featured Flower” – THC Media’s Featured Flower, a monthly column out the last Fridays of the month, showcases different cannabis strains, including their effects, smell & taste profiles, cultivation averages, and what ailments could possibly be treated or receive substantial relief from this flower.

“Concentrate Collection” – THC Media’s Concentrate Collection is a monthly column showcasing amazing concentrates like solventless, shatter, rosin, wax, and more, coming out of one of the more than 23 states with medical marijuana programs.

We look forward to creating and publishing more brand new columns from THC media in the next coming months.