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THC Media is in need of assistance and is interested in speaking with any and all Cannabis/Marijuana Clothing Companies that create/distribute/sell/ or in any other way deal with T-Shirts.

THC Media is desperately in need of as many different Cannabis/Marijuana related T-shirts for a upcoming project that I have been commissioned to due. I am looking for t-shirts (as many sizes as we can get) with any type of branding, quotes, pictures, or anything else that is related to America’s favorite past time, Marijuana.

This is a great time to get some FREE Advertisement for your business/clothing line by having your products available to be used in our upcoming project. I would love to tell you more about this project, and more information will be forthcoming, but I can’t detail more at the current time for legal and pre-production reasons.

If you are interested in helping with some t-shirts, please give me a shout at or through any of the sites in the THC Group Network.

I will provide as many more details as I can, along with the address where to send them to all that respond.

Weed Watch Marijuana Magazine

Thanks in advance for all your help, and Happy 420

Bert Cannavelli


Weed Watch Marijuana Magazine