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THC Media is in need of assistance and is interested in speaking with any and all Cannabis/Marijuana Clothing Companies that create/distribute/sell/ or in any other way deal with T-Shirts.

THC Media is desperately in need of as many different Cannabis/Marijuana related T-shirts for a upcoming project that I have been commissioned to due. I am looking for t-shirts (as many sizes as we can get) with any type of branding, quotes, pictures, or anything else that is related to America’s favorite past time, Marijuana.

This is a great time to get some FREE Advertisement for your business/clothing line by having your products available to be used in our upcoming project. I would love to tell you more about this project, and more information will be forthcoming, but I can’t detail more at the current time for legal and pre-production reasons.

If you are interested in helping with some t-shirts, please give me a shout at or through any of the sites in the THC Group Network.

I will provide as many more details as I can, along with the address where to send them to all that respond.

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Thanks in advance for all your help, and Happy 420

Bert Cannavelli


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