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Denver Recreational Cannabis ClubsDENVER – Rep. Jonathan Singer, D-Longmont, a state lawmaker in Colorado, is planning on introducing a “Cannabis Club” bill, where cannabis could be both purchased and consumed, creating a whole new type of marijuana business in Colorado.

Allowing recreational consumption in designated cannabis clubs for those 21 and older, would benefit tourist pot smokers and resident aficionados, but would also help those who can’t stand to smell it while out in public. Rep. Singer said if Colorado is going to have legal weed, it’s high time for tourists to have a place to use what they’ve bought.

“Our tourists can’t consume it in the streets, they can’t consume it in their hotel rooms, you can’t do it at a restaurant,” Singer said.

There are currently a few cannabis clubs in the state, but people must bring their own pot to consume. There are no cannabis clubs operating in Denver.

“I think people are really sick of seeing marijuana consumed either in parks or in the streets,” Singer said. “So we need to be able to tell people where they can go, where they can consume it responsibly and safely.”

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The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) is seeking to get a similar measure on the November ballot, which would allow bring-your-own cannabis clubs in Denver.

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