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With the annual Cannabis Holiday coming up, what better way to start it off than with a brand new release by Kushy Carlito, and if you haven’t heard of Kushy, then you’ve been missing out on some of Southern California’s best marijuana hip hop.

Kushy’s not taking any type of break from his music any time soon with his brand new album “Roach wRaps” set to debut on April 20, 2016. While Kushy may be living it up, performing in the local SoCal Cannabis boom, he recently just welcomed a new baby to help fill his schedule.

Check out Kushy Carlito’s “Roach wRaps”

Roach wRaps

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THC Media recently got a few minutes to sit down with Kushy for a few quick questions.

Besides your current album release, what other kind of projects you got going on?

Well, with my name being Kushy, it was impossible for me to skip 420 & not give the community something. We spawned the Roach wRaps project around January/February, but I’ve also been working on the latest installment of my “FBB” series. I’ll be dropping that by Summer 2016. Also, before the years up, I’ll follow FBB Volume 3 up with another conceptual EP called “Closet Fulla Dreams”. Lastly, I wrote a script for my first film last year, “Mr. FBB”, which I plan to begin casting for as soon as possible. It’s just not enough hours in the day. Nonetheless, we working, keeping the fans fed all year.

How and when did you first get interested in music? Have you always been strictly Hip Hop?

A) I’ve loved music as long as I can remember. I’ve always had a love for writing (stories, poems, etc.) but it wasn’t until around 5th or 6th grade that I begin writing raps. My musical journey however didn’t start till I was about 24 & since its become my escape. Ive gained plenty of knowledge over the years & I know it’s time to tell my story. B) I listen to all kinds of music. I try not to listen to music similar to the genre I actually make. My taste is all over the place. If it’s good, I like it. With the birth of these streaming services my playlist varies broadly.

What kind of up bringing did you have growing up?

Kushy CarlitoI had a very unique upbringing in my eyes. I grew up in the “ghetto” as some love to refer to it as but I just call it the hood. I love my hood & always will. But on the same token, I was also introduced to the other side of life by my grandparents through traveling & various other experiences. So although I’m in the situation I’m in I know exactly what’s out there to get, so I’m chasing it.

How old were you when you first started smoking weed? Do you remember the first time?

I smoked my 1st joint in 7th grade. I found one of my older family members stash & really didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I was around 14 or 15 when I really really started smoking blunts regularly & shit. Ever since Mary Jane been my main.

Do you follow any of the current marijuana legislation going on in other states? What about the California recreational bills for 2016?

Kushy CarlitoWouldn’t consider myself to be to political honestly. I love living in California where I can literally go to a shop that looks like a candy store for weed. But, even before it became somewhat legal, I smoked the same way in the same places so it doesn’t really affect me either way or another. I don’t put to much energy into any other news to be completely honest.

What do you think of Trump running for President?

In the words of my fellow LA artist YG & Nipsey Hussle, “F$&k Donald Trump”. I think it’s horrible. I won’t be voting for him. But at the same time, I believe he’ll win. Just my personal opinion. I just hope he smokes & doesn’t bother our community.

Where is the best place you have gotten to visit since you been performing? Who has had the best weed?

A) The best place I’ve performed is home, in my city. No place like home & no love like the love you get from your own. B) I mean it goes without saying we got the best weed on the Westside. From LA to the Bay, nothing but fire round this way.

Do you have a favorite Strain of weed you like to smoke? Or maybe should ask first, what is your favorite way to smoke? (Blunts, joints, Vaporizer, dabs, edibles)

Kushy CarlitoA) I’m a Indica OG type of dude. I like smoking heavy strains. I walk in the shop & go straight for the private reserve. Something to put me on my ass. B) My #1 option is blunts & probably always will be. It’s rare that option is unavailable but not everyone smokes blunts so I do smoke joints from time to time. Got a few pipes & bongs also. More so for at home when I’m chilling.

Who has been the most inspirational person in your life?

My big Brother has been the most inspirational in my life. Other than my Mom, he’s been the only person that stood by my side through life along the way. Giving unconditional & tough love. I can count on him for anything but he inspires me with his knowledge & need to succeed. Had a bumpy road coming up with my Pops but big Bro was & is always there, whether it’s advice or just a listening ear. He got me focused on this music shit & keeps me focused on it.

If you could go on tour and perform with one musician, who would it be?

Snoop Dogg. All day. Me, Snoop, Wiz & Nipsey would really be excellent a excellent line up. But if I could open up for Snoop, man I would be so honored. I just want to smoke a blunt with the big homie. All respect to Tupac & Biggie but I came up on Snoop. Tha Last Meal is my all time favorite album. Period.

Have you went to any of the Cannabis Cups, or any of the other pot festivals in Cali?

Missed out on the last Cannabis Cup but we will be in attendance later this month pushing this Roach wRaps tape to the community. I also plan on hitting up the next Dab n Cart event at Go Kart World and the Green Miles Experience in May.

Kushy CarlitoWhat was you best part of working on this album?

The best part of this album was conceiving the idea. It started with just a conversation. Then after a little research & seeing how vaguely the topic had been spoken on, I decided to run with it. Now, as I listen to the finished product I really feel like I have a cult classic with this project & I hope the community accepts it & feels the same way. I know they will.

What other kind of “hobbies” do you have or like to mess with in your free time?

My kids are my hobby. Music is my work & my family is my hobby. That’s all my life literally consist of. Keep my circle tight & keep my grind right. Straight up.

What do you see in the future for Kushy Carlito?

I see a future full a success. I’m still clocking my 10,000 hours but I’m dedicated. Through hard work & prayer all my dreams WILL come true. I see myself being a voice for the community & applying as much into it as humanly possible. I see Peace, Unity & Love. #PUL is the movement, #FBB is the movement, F&$k Bein Broke!

THC Media wants to thank Kushy for his time and letting us help get word out about his new album.

You can catch what’s going on with Kushy by checking out his VLog

Happy 420!!

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