Investor Relations

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Investor Relations

THC Media is rapidly becoming the leader, and go to website, for online Cannabis News and Information. The THC Media Team will exhaust all resources to bring you as many details as we can, as quickly as possible.

The THC Group, LLC., which is the network hub for THC Media, is actively seeking private investors to partner with and facilitate the expansion of the network to be able to bring more cannabis content to you fingertips. This progress and expansion is the next step to bring this grassroots venture into more folds of the emerging Legal Cannabis Industry.

We hope to partner with some of the greatest investors, and early adopters in this space, to help mold and shape the path forward, and to secure the foundation for many years to come.

This is a completely new industry, with the rules and regulations still being written and tweaked on a daily basis, so this is by far the most important time in this Post-Prohibition Era.

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If you or your company is looking to become an investor with THC Media and The THC Group, LLC., please contact us at with your desired intentions and ideas, and we can arrange a time to discuss the possibilities.