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After testing and smoking out of dozens of bongs, we have determined the best glass bong of 2017.

Our Choice for Best Bong: The STAX Hercules by Grav Labs

STAX Hercules by Grav Labs
STAX Hercules by Grav Labs

We were in love after we built and hit the Grav Labs STAX Hercules. STAX is Grav Labs’ modular bong kit that allows you to build and create the bong of your dreams. You can mix and match different bases, percs, mouthpieces and built as high or short as you like. We went with the pre-designed Hercules kit that stands 18” tall and comes with four sections. The base is a coil perc base followed by a halo perc mid chamber. The top chamber is another coil perc and this piece is finished off with a 45 degree angled mouthpiece. The crazy amount of percolation makes hits out of this piece super smooth, like puffing on clouds. This piece makes cleaning easy too! Just take apart each section for easy cleaning. Best of all, it can be taken apart and stored discreetly when not in use.

The only flaw we noticed was there is more drag due to the size of this piece. The drag is not terrible but takes more effort than a smaller piece. Overall, not a huge problem or a deal breaker.

First Runner Up: Sesh Supply Poseidon

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Sesh Supply Poseidon
Sesh Supply Poseidon

Sesh Supply is a newcomer to the glass game but they have produced some amazing bongs. One of which is the Sesh Supply Poseidon bong. This tallpiece stands at 17 inches tall and has three fat chambers with percolators to diffuse and cool your smoke. The function is excellent however it requires a bit more lung power to draw up a big hit. Weak lungs need not apply. The glass is thick and sturdy enough to survive a small accident. The size may be a bit off-putting for some smokers. Standing at 17 inches tall with a wide base, it does not have the ease of mobility.


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