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Cedar & Finch Cannary Pouch & Lid'l PipeThe Cedar & Finch Cannary Pouch Combo, which includes the handcrafted, wooden Lid’l Pipe, is a must have for any cannabis enthusiast.

Hand stitched from imported leather, the Cannary Pouch provides an elegant and discreet way to carry smokables. It has a zippered pocket on top for a pipe or vaporizer, and another one for your stash. The leather flap covers the openings and is held in place with a small tab and post.

While the overall craftsmanship of the pouch is top quality, we also felt like in was in need of some sort of option to attach a carrying strap. A removable strap that you could attach to the ends, similar to the way the flap attached with a small tab and post, would be a great additional feature.

Cedar & Finch Lid'l PipeWe all agree though that the best part of the whole package is the Lid’l Pipe that is included in the combo package. Strikingly designed and handcrafted from maple and exotic Wedge wood, the Lid’l pipe is laser engraved with the distinctive Cedar & Finch paisley pattern. Both the bowl and stem are lined with brass for easy cleaning with a basic pipe cleaner.

The most innovative feature is it’s swinging lid that is held closed with a magnet to keep smoking material and ash from falling out of the pipe while in transit. The lid has an extremely strong magnet, that makes it super convenient to carry with the bowl already filled, and no worries of your material falling out in your pocket.

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Whenever the THC Group would bring out the Lid’l Pipe in a crowd, it quickly became topic of conversation.

pouch3Some may find the cost of $159 for the set a little more than your everyday pipe and bag, but with real leather and exotic hardwoods, the quality of the Cedar & Finch Cannary Pouch is second to none on the market today.

Overall, we would have to rate this as a must have gift this holiday, for any cannabis or counter culture aficionado. To order your Cannary Pouch and Lid’l Pipe combo, or for more information on other fine Cedar & Finch products, you can check them out at

Cedar & Finch’s Cannary Pouch with Lid’l Pipe
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