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You might have thought Plastic or Acrylics Bongs were a thing of old hippy tales. Well thanks to our friends at Transformer Tubes, the acrylic bong has made a comeback, but with a 21st century twist.

Transformer Tubes are a unique group of interchangeable parts, with different functions, that are assembled to create your very own custom acrylic bong. Althought the assorted modules, bases and mouthpieces are all acrylic and can be easily changed for effects, looks, or function, the actual downstem and bowl are still made out of quality glass. With pieces including ice chambers, milking chambers, assorted percolators, and a super cool freezable module, the possibilites we can build will keep us stoners busy for hours.

We at THC Media had to give Transformer Tubes a go, to see if they hit as good as the amount of fun that could be had with the combinations used to make our own custom piece. Transformer Tubes are extremeley affordable with basic setups starting around fifty dollars, and most of the different extensions and addons range from $10-$50 each. You can easily create and purchase your own great setup with several options for under a hundred dollars.

Once we received our tubes, we probably spent more than a half hour, figuring out how we wanted to build our personal bong, before we were able to get down to business and put it to use. The tubes were easy to assemble by simple screwing them together, which makes it easy to take apart for things like changing the water, or refreezing the freezer module. Everything is extremely lightweight, and disassembling the modules makes it super convenient to store.

Dome PercolatorWe decided to use the freezer module and percolator in our setup, and was amazingly surprised at the overall quality of the hit. While smoking out of acrylic might be a different feel than the typical glass piece, using the completely frozen freezer module to perfectly cool the smoke, and with the smoothness created by the smaller air bubbles of the percolator, made the overall experience quite remarkable.

Free Marijuana Grow Bible

If you are looking for either a throwback to the days of the past, or wanting to take bong smoking to the next level, Transformer Tubes are a great way to spark up a conversation and have some fun while enjoying your favorite pasttime. We think they are a great addition to your current collection, or the perfect gift for a friend who likes pieces that give them that MacGyver feeling.

Be sure to check out and let them know you heard about them from your friends here at THC Media, and begin your journey into the art of bongmaking.

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