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You should never have to compromise your right to privacy on the internet, especially when making online purchases, and bitcoin payments enable customers to purchase cannabis seeds under a cloak of total anonymity.

Believe it or not, online cannabis transactions have been going strong for over forty years. According to John Markoff’s 2005 novel What the Dormouse Said: How the Sixties Counterculture Shaped the Personal Computer Industry, cannabis was the first object ever bought and sold on the internet. In 1971, the first-ever transaction on the internet occurred between Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and Massachusetts Institute of technology(MIT) students on ARPANET. ARPANET was the first primitive internet connection which was created in 1969. Students created and performed a crude online payment for an undisclosed amount of cannabis across state lines. Always remember, the internet transactions were initially created for YOU.

Cannabis Enthusiasts are Still One Step Ahead of the Times – Technologically Speaking.

Bitcoin was developed around 2009 as a cryptocurrency to offer free trade anonymously. This digital currency can be purchased from a Bitcoin exchange or earned if you’re tech savvy enough to become a bitcoin miner.

Bitcoins, however, are not only useful to hedge fund traders, but the common consumer who just wants to remain anonymous. Banks that are unwilling to work with cannabis-related businesses have created a problem, but cannabis enthusiasts worldwide have come up with a brilliant solution – avoiding currency altogether. Bitcoin became the new option- and much safer option than carrying cash.

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Bitcoin payments are the only way to may an online payment that’s truly untraceable. Bitcoin payments employ a unique coding method called a block chain which makes it impossible for the prying eyes of a third party to track your transactions. Not only law enforcement, but hackers and other criminals can access your information without secure encryption. Be smarter than the criminal.

Whether you’re aware or not, your actions are being watched on the internet. The complexity of varying international laws make trading bitcoins for cannabis seeds a logical option when buying online. Most countries prohibit the germination of cannabis seeds, but don’t ban cannabis seeds outright. The legality of seeds generally falls in the gray area, depending on where you live, so anonymity is important at all times.

Even though 25 US States have legalized cannabis in one form or another, with several more poised to do the same, the federal government still considers cannabis an illegal substance and cannabis businesses are forced to deal in cash. “The industry has a clear need for a non-physical, secure means of completing transactions and storing savings,” reported David Floyd for Nasdaq.com. The cash-only nature of the cannabis industry is a dangerous territory. Large amounts of cash attract criminals and result in inventory discrepancies.

Buying Cannabis Seeds with Bitcoins

Fortunately, bitcoins prove a simple alternative to cash and credit cards.

First of all, you need to create a Bitcoin wallet in order to make an online purchase with Bitcoin. Bitcoin wallets are stored in desktop software, on the web or on a mobile phone. Bitcoin is run on an open platform, so you don’t necessarily have to divulge any personal information. Bitcoin ATM’s are another way to further deepen your anonymity by removing the link from a Bitcoin account to a bank account.

Bitcoin is the best way to buy cannabis seeds online. Get your own Bitcoin wallet at Coinbase and start building your account. If you’re in the market for new genetics, Gorilla Seeds is offering 20% off when you pay for your cannabis seeds with bitcoins plus they’ll give you 5 additional cannabis seeds for free. Brand name seeds, complimentary, just for choosing the Bitcoin option. Choose the Pay by Bitcoin option.


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